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Voter Registration change

The process for voter registration change is as follows:

1. Take 2 PP sized photographs

2. Take a photocopy of present address proof i.e

a. Telephone bill

b. Rental deed

c. Electricity bill

d. Affidavit

e. Gas book or card etc.

3. Contact the BLO/AERO/ERO of your residential area. These people normally sit in District Secretariat/Election office. Their names, phone numbers and address are also available on the website

4. Complete the voter registration change Form No.:

a. 8A (name inclusion in the electoral rolls)

b. 001A

5. In case an individual holds the voter card (Elector's Photo Identity Card - EPIC), its photocopy should also be taken

6. Remember to carry the originals for the purpose of verification
And obtain the application receipt.

As per the instructions of election commission, one doesn't need to get his/her name deleted by themselves from the previous assembly constituency; the officials will do this part. After this entire process has been completed the individual will get his/her voter card in just few days.

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