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Voter ID Cards to go Colour

As the technology became fast, tiny and efficient, our government decides to apply it on the voter ID cards. The time of black and white ID cards will be over soon. Voter ID cards are necessary for every Indian. So the government has decides to make it more attractive and colorful-Electro Photo Identity Cards, known as EPIC. The new EPIC voter ID card has colored photograph of voter and some more new features.

Describing more about the EPIC, chief electoral officer of Uttar Pradesh, Umesh Sinha, said, "We are planning to give new look colored voter ID card to the voters in the state before the 16th general elections scheduled to be held in 2014. We have also set a target of enrolling 25 lakh new voters and they would be given the new look and colored EPIC on January 25, 2014 on the occasion of National Voters' Day."

He also said that, EPIC would be similar to the voter card of Himachal Pradesh that was used in 2012 in assembly elections. It will completely full of safety features. "The EPIC would be made using plastic material, and will be multi-layered. It will also have the hologram of the Election Commission embossed, and will also be having a distinct barcode for each Elector Photo Identity Card."

The EPIC will have bar-coded card and it will contain the list of all details of voter such as name, address, date of birth etc. These details will be encoded by the barcode reader (same as used in shopping malls at billing counter).

After asking the cost of EPIC, the chief electro offices said, "The Election Commission of India has fixed the cost of this ID card at Rs 30, but we are trying to make it as cheaper as possible," and it will be added soon in Form-6. The digital signature of registration officer would appear soon on the EPIC. On the sample EPIC it is clearly mention that, "Mere possession of the EPIC is no guarantee that you are in current electoral roll. Please check you name in the current electoral roll."  It will consist the name of voter, father’s name, sex, date of birth, address and the concerned assembly constituency of the voter.

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