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Online Registration for Voter ID Card in Uttar Pradesh

India is far advanced in many dimensions using Information technology in every activity. Particularly in matters like online voter registration, it has been very prompt in bringing advanced technology, facilitating the citizens in registering in the voters roll and obtaining the Voter ID which is primary for exercising one’s franchise in elections.

Like what it has done in many other States, the Election commission of India has introduced online facility for one to apply for voter ID card in Uttar Pradesh, which involves a simple procedure.

However, the citizen of India who does online voter registration must be ready with a few documents, which are to be scanned and uploaded online for registering and obtaining voter ID card in Uttar Pradesh.

Initial Steps

The individual who wants to register for Voter ID must first enter the site when one has to choose among various tabs ‘online voter registration’ tab, which has a few sections, like Inclusion of name for resident Electors (Form 6), Any objection on inclusion of names (Form 7), Correction of Entries in Electoral roll (Form 8) and Transposition within (Form 8A). In these, the new registrant must click the Form 6, when a new page will open up, asking for one’s Mobile Number and Email ID, which should be unique. When one furnishes these details, the registrant would be asked to verify with a verification code number of 5 digits which will be sent through a text message momentarily by the system. Once verified, the next page appears, asking for registration details.

Filling Registration Form online

The registration page will appear along with the mobile number and eMail ID already furnished, requiring the individual to furnish basic profile particulars like Name, age as of January 1st of the year of registration, Gender, Complete Postal Address, and supply of a Password for further transactions.

The form for registration in the subsequent pages requires uploading of one’s photograph, address proof and certificates or details of earlier registrations, to be furnished with the help of the verification code, for which the registrant must have scanned copies ready for uploading.

Once these details are furnished the individual will receive a mail from the Election Commission confirming the user ID and password, with an application ID for each individual for whom the Voter ID is applied for.

Importance of Voter ID

An Individual can apply for Voter ID card in Uttar Pradesh, only when one has attained the eligibility for voting, that completion of 18 years of age. Voter ID being a document essential for one to exercise one’s franchise, it is important for every citizen to register and obtain the Voter ID.

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