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Voter Registration

What is An Electoral Roll?

Electoral roll is a list of candidates that are eligible for casting their votes. Each assembly constituency has its separate electoral roll. The electoral roll of an assembly is made of names of individuals who are registered to vote at a particular booth. As per the guidelines of Election commission, a booth can have a maximum of 1200 electors. Electoral rolls are regularly updated upon the basis of the applications that have been filed by the individuals. Electoral Registration Officer has been made responsible for supervising the voter registration process and to take corrective measure to ensure that the operation is fair and impartial.

How to Register?

  • Electoral rolls are created after comprehensive enumeration operations carried out by registered enumerators. The enumerators cover each household in their allocated wards and the names are then finally collated and submitted.  The process is done once every five years.
  • Apart from the enumeration operation, the registering process is done every year for voter id card registration to include the voters that have been left out. One can fill up Form6 to register his name in the electoral list
  • In case one is registering his name at a new place, it is expected that he has already got his name deleted from the electoral roll of his former place of residence. For transposition of one’s name from an electoral list, one can fill form 8A or one can simply mention his former place of residence and his name will automatically get deleted.
  • If one has been absent from his place of residence for a short period of time, it does not necessarily debar him from the electoral list.
  • Deletion of names from the electoral list is also done on regular basis so as to update the status of those who have died or who have shifted their place of residence.
  • It is important to note that one can be registered only at one place.  

Registration Forms

Different types of electoral forms are available for voter id card registration process depending upon the requirement of an individual. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Form 6 - To include any name in the electoral list.  This form can be used in case one’s name is not included or one has shifted his place of residence.
  • Form 7 – To raise any objection on inclusion of any name in the electoral list. 
  • Form 8 - To make any corrections related to ones entry in the electoral list. Corrections can be such as incorrect name, incorrect address, or any other incorrect detail.
  • Form 8A - For transposition of one’s name from the electoral list. In case one has shifted his place of residence form one place to another, one can use this from to get his name cut off from the electoral roll. 
  • Form 13 F and G – To give proxy voting rights to an individual and to withdraw the proxy voting rights.

Other Information

  • Summary Revision that takes place every year exercise. In this the electoral roll is published and is open for revision. People can have a look at it and can file their claims for deletion, insertion or transposition of names. After the claims are filled, due enquires are made and necessary corrections are done and a new electoral rolls is published
  • Citizens can still file their claims if they have any objections or grievances. The process of updating of the electoral list is a continuous process and changes are assimilated on regular basis.

Names in the voter registration list can be included up to the last date of nomination of candidates. However, it is advisable that an individual files his application 10 days earlier than the last date of nomination of candidates. This is because the Electoral Registration Officer needs at least seven day notice period after inclusion of a name. If the application for inclusion of name is filed anytime later, ones name may not get included in the electoral rolls for the election.  

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